Surrey Botanical Society

Welcome to Our Website

The Surrey Botanical Society (SBS), originally known as Surrey Flora Committee (SFC), has been in existence since 1957 and aims to represent and unite all those who want to enjoy, study and record Surrey's astonishingly interesting, beautiful and diverse flora. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in the subject. Why not Join us? It only costs £5.00 a year. New Members are always welcome and an Application Form can be downloaded from this website.

Normally we hold regular Field Meetings in the growing season, which are very enjoyable and to which all are welcome. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to cancel all meetings this year until further notice. However, you might like to record the wildflowers in your garden as part of the BSBI's Garden Wildflower Hunt or venture out, with or without members of your household, to record the wild flowers of your local area to send to us  SBS Members who would like to meet up with small numbers of other SBS Members in their neighbourhood to record wildflowers are invited to use Facebook ( and Facebook Messenger as a means of contacting fellow SBS Members.

Plant records are documented using MapMate and are co-ordinated with the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland. If you do not have a copy of MapMate you can download and enter records on our MS Excel Recording Form and submit it periodically. Instructions for use of the spreadsheet and an example sheet are included. You can also download our Recording Strategy document.

We are compiling a Rare Plant Register, and gradually working towards a new Surrey County Flora. Bespoke applications,available to SBS Members only, are available on this website to view a searchable, interactive Virtual Map as well as interactive distribution maps of all Surrey taxa by 1 Km Squares or monads and Date Class. The latter was last updated on 9 July 2020. Virtual Map, although focused on Surrey, covers the world..We also analyse the number of our MapMate records and taxa by date class periodically. The most recent, also updated on 09 July 2020, may be downloaded from this website by members and non-mebers alike, along with maps of the 30 most widespread taxa.

Our members past and present either individually, in informal groups or at formal field meetings have currently amassed more than 850,000 records of 2,700 identified taxa from Surrey's 2,108 monads. Although this may seem a huge number there are more than 400 rare plants recorded in Surrey for which we would like more records.

Our Photo Gallery includes more than two hundred images of Surrey wild flowers taken by our members. This gallery may be searched by scientific or vernacular name. We also maintain Facebook and Group where you can share your images of Surrey's rich flora.

We publish biannual newsletters, which are sent to all members. These include meeting reports and other useful information on our activities. Back issues of our newsletters from 1957 to the present are available for members to download and there is an index to all series 2 issues published from Spring 2003 to the present.

Our website also includes lists of useful Links, including National Organisations, Aids to Identification, Local Natural History Societies, Wildlife & Woodland Trusts, Maps, Checklists, Nature Reserves and Sites of Special Scientific Interest, and Facebook Groups and Blogs.