1km Squares, co-ordinates and percentage land in each1km Square

The MS Excel (97-2000) Workbooks listed below are for use in analysing the numbers of records and taxa included in MapMate to generate 'maps' using MS Access 97 and MS Excel. Those for the OSGrid have been generated from comma delimited text files kindly been made available by Dr David Roy, Head of the Biological Records Centre. I have added the eastings and northings (X and Y co-ordinates).

To download a Workbook click on a Vice County
and Save the 1kSquareList.xls file before importing it into your MapMate Records database using MS Access 97. For two or more vice counties download and save each in turn and then copy and paste the second and subsequent spread sheet into the first.

For instructions on generating the MS Access queries to analyse the numbers of records and taxa please visit Analysis (DOC and PDF)

England Wales Ireland
vc 1, West Cornwall vc 35, Monmouthshire H1, South Kerry
vc 2, East Cornwall vc 41, Glamorgan H2, North Kerry
vc 3, South Devon vc 42, Breconshire H3, West Cork
vc 4, North Devon vc 43, Radnorshire H4, Mid Cork
vc 5, South Somerset vc 44, Carmarthenshire H5, East Cork
vc 6, North Somerset vc 45, Pembrokeshire H6, Co. Waterford
vc 7, North Wiltshire vc 46, Cardiganshire H7, South Tipperary
vc 8, South Wiltshire vc 47, Montgomeryshire H8, Co. Limerick
vc 9, Dorset vc 48, Merionethshire H9, Co. Clare
vc 10, Isle of Wight vc 49, Caernarvonshire H10, North Tipperary
vc 11, South Hampshire vc 50, Denbighshire H11, Co. Kilkenny
vc 12, North Hampshire vc 51, Flintshire H12, Co. Wexford
vc 13, West Sussex vc 52, Anglesey H13, Co. Carlow
vc 14, East Sussex   H14, Laois
vc 15, East Kent Scotland H15, South-east Galway
vc 16, West Kent vc 72, Dumfrieshire H16, West Galway
vc 17, Surrey vc 73, Kirkcudbrightshire H17, North-east Galway
vc 18, South Essex vc 74, Wigtownshire H18, Offaly
vc 19, North Essex vc 75, Ayrshire H19, Co. Kildare
vc 20, Hertfordshire vc 76, Renfrewshire H20, Co. Wicklow
vc 21, Middlesex vc 77, Lanarkshire H21, Co. Dublin
vc 22, Berkshire vc 78, Peeblesshire H22, Meath
vc 23, Oxfordshire vc 79, Selkirkshire H23, Westmeath
vc 24, Buckinghamshire vc 80, Roxburghshire H24, Co. Longford
vc 25, East Suffolk vc 81, Berwickshire H25, Co. Roscommon
vc 26, West Suffolk vc 82, East Lothian H26, East Mayo
vc 27, East Norfolk vc 83, Midlothian H27, West Mayo
vc 28, West Norfolk vc 84, West Lothian H28, Co. Sligo
vc 29, Cambridgeshire vc 85, Fife & Kinross H29, Co. Leitrim
vc 30, Bedfordshire vc 86, Stirlingshire H30, Co. Cavan
vc 31, Huntingdonshire vc 87, West Perthshire H31, Co. Louth
vc 32, Northamptonshire vc 88, Mid Perthshire H32, Co. Monaghan
vc 33, East Gloucestershire vc 89, East Perthshire H33, Fermanagh
vc 34, West Gloucestershire vc 90, Angus H34, East Donegal
vc 36, Herefordshire vc 91, Kincardineshire H35, West Donegal
vc 37, Worcestershire vc 92, South Aberdeenshire H36, Tyrone
vc 38, Warwickshire vc 93, North Aberdeenshire H37, Co. Armagh
vc 39, Staffordshire vc 94, Banffshire H38, Co. Down
vc 40, Shropshire vc 95, Moray H39, Co. Antrim
vc 53, South Lincolnshire vc 96, Easterness H40, Co. Londonderry
vc 54, North Lincolnshire vc 97, Westerness  
vc 55, Leicestershire vc 98, Main Argyll  
vc 56, Nottinghamshire vc 99, Dunbarton  
vc 57, Derbyshire vc 100, Clyde Islands  
vc 58, Cheshire vc 101, Kintyre  
vc 59, South Lancashire vc 102, South Ebudes  
vc 60, West Lancashire vc 103, Mid Ebudes  
vc 61, South-east Yorkshire vc 104, North Ebudes  
vc 62, North-east Yorkshire vc 105, West Ross  
vc 63, South-west Yorkshire vc 106, East Ross  
vc 64, Mid-west Yorkshire vc 107, East Sutherland  
vc 65, North-west Yorkshire vc 108, West Sutherland  
vc 66, Co Durham vc 109, Caithness  
vc 67, S. Northumberland vc 110, Outer Hebrides  
vc 68, N. Northumberland vc 111, Orkney  
vc 69, Westmorland vc 112, Shetland  
vc 70, Cumberland vc 113, Channel Islands  
  vc 114, Scilly