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This website was created by Robin Day in 2007 and maintained by him until December 2017. The site was considerably enhanced by Robin in 2011 by the addition of Virtual Map, an extremely useful tool to search Google Satellite Maps, OS Maps and Cucaera by Place Name or Grid Reference and to plot taxa distributions. Virtual Map is currently restricted to SBS Members only. More recently Robin created Interactive Maps of all Surrey Taxa based on Analyses of SBS' MapMate Data, also restricted to SBS Members only. I have created Interactive Maps of the Numbers of Records and Taxa per Monad using the same data which can be downloaded by SBS Members and all non-members as MS Exel spreadsheets.

In 2018 most of the web pages were updated and links added where appropriate. Interactive Maps of all Surrey Taxa Interactive Maps of the Numbers of Records and Taxa per Monad were last updated 09 July 2020. An index to Newsletters from 2003 Spring to the present has been added. Like this index, Documents, SBS Taxa Maps and Virtual Map, Newsletters are restricted to SBS members only.

The Photo Gallery was created by Robin with input from Eileen Taylor using her's and other member's images.

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